LDAP cache : what for ????

CF. https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/how-to-configure-a-multidirectory-for-users-and-groups/


I'm wondering what for LDAP cache ??? Why having cache ? What I win in it ?

Why nuxeo cacheTimeOut is by default 3600 ? And cacheMaxSize 1000 ? Why nuxeo needs this cache and use this default value ?

What are you're advice if we want an application that is not 1 hour later having LDAP information update ? Should we change cacheTimeOut or cacheMaxSize?

And what are the consequences to change cacheTimeOut or cacheMaxSize ?

thank you milonette

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The cache is here because a lot LDAP servers are quite slow and their slowness has a visible impact on Nuxeo when authenticating users or when getting information about users, like their full name, for display.

You can change the values as you wish depending on your environment and required performance.

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