How to Customize Nuxeo Pages and StartUp redirection ?

Hello All,

I want to cutomize the nuxeo pages which I have listed below for startup redirection I have attached two files below.

I am putting and customizing 1_view_home.xhtml which I have created as a sample.
I am changing and replacing the path of
view_domains.xhtml in pages.xml into 1_view_home.xhtml which is in /nuxeo-server-8.10-tomcat/nxserver/nuxeo.war/WEB-INF/pages.xml

I defining below:

this is current code in nuxeo


I m customizing like this:


But when i restart the server , It will overwrite the default nuxeo changes not which i have done to customize the change.

Please help me . Thanks for your support . I dont have any support. It will be helpful for me.

FILES:   2.png   1.png
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