what is a document Id or where can i see the document id

I am using rest api to create or update a document.

i have to provide a prentdocumentId in that .

where can i find that documentid ?

in nuxeo connect or admin center or platform ??

i saw the document title , description etc , but where can i see the ID ?

is it in the db?

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If you click the “Permanent link” button (after the title), or the Permanent link sharing option (top right), you'll see the unique id of a given document.

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You don't need to use underlying db to get the id of your document in this case. If you want a more “human readable” way to create a document you can use parent path,or NXQL if you need to access documents using a more specific logic.

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Example with java automation client:

HttpAutomationClient client = new HttpAutomationClient(


Session session = client.getSession("Administrator", "Administrator");

DocumentService ds = new DocumentService(session);

Document doc = ds.createDocument("/path/to/parent", new Document("A title", "File"));


you can see that in dublincore table !!

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