How to get out properly from a login issue after installing a Hot Fix ?


I'm facing an issue after installing HF15 on nuxeo 5.6 in a dev environment. After installing the update via the admin center panel I could not login any more on the platform. I know it's not the proper way but as it was a dev instance i replaced nxserver/bundles content with another folder from an instance of nuxeo where i didn't make the upgrade

Now i can login, but i can't upgrade the dev instance with my studio projet :(

nuxeoctl mp-add my-studio-project is lauching the following error:

org.nuxeo.connect.update.PackageException: Invalid package - no package.xml file found in package my-studio-project-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT–1032863968

SO …

how to solve this kind of issue without endanger the behaviour of the platform ?

Thanks !

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I must say i cannot either download manually my studio project from the studio. Maybe it's in fact a studio issue ?


It was because of a change made in the “deployment-extension” part of the project Uninstalled hot fix from admin-center pannel then reinstalled it and every thing was ok !

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It is likely due to a corrupted package in the local cache (download issue, …). Delete the directory ${}/packages/store/my-studio-project-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT/ then download it again with mp-add.

About the first issue, you should have uninstalled the HF15 with “nuxeoctl mp-uninstall nuxeo-5.6.0-HF15” instead of manually modifying nxserver/bundles content.


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