Possible Bug in Drive for Windows EXE Arguments.

Using this tutorial https://doc.nuxeo.com/client-apps/how-to-manually-initialize-or-deploy-a-nuxeo-drive-instance/ I've installed Drive for Windows with the EXE variables below…

nuxeo-drive.exe /VERYSILENT /TARGETDRIVEFOLDER="%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Nuxeo Drive" /TARGETURL="http://localhost:8080/nuxeo" /TARGETUSERNAME="foo"

The TARGETURL has been modified to reflect our environment.

I've selected these variables so when we mass deploy the Drive application the user does not need to know and enter our Nuxeo url.

The issue I'm seeing is when you go to the Accounts settings page you see the Username as “foo” (or whatever you enter in the EXE argument).

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Once you log back in, the “foo” name stays in the username field. It never changes to the actual username of the re-authenticated user.

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It's only a visible issue and does not affect the operation of the Drive app, but it's one that could confuse our support staff if they need to troubleshoot and see a different name in the username field.

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Would it be possible that the username for Nuxeo is the same as the Windows one? I mean, instead of /TARGETUSERNAME="foo", that would be correct to use /TARGETUSERNAME="%USERNAME%".

This is the only solution on your side. A fix on our side is needed in any cases.


Oh, never thought to try that… Ill give it a shot.

%USERNAME% did fix it and now shows the users name. If that was the only solution I'd be satisfied, I'm glad your fixing it within the app.

I created NXDRIVE-2272 (Save username changes when updating credentials). It will be fixed in Nuxeo Drive 4.4.5.

Edit: the fix is included in Nuxeo Drive 4.4.5.

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