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Hello all, I would like to know if it's possible to update a toolib ? On a document, when I put the mouse on a the document link, I have a tooltip wherein it is written “File”. I want to have the comple name of the file (it is a long name and the end is truncated with …) Is it possible ? Regards,

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Hi Guillaume, So to make sure, if you have a File type document on Platform, you want to have the tooltip (when hovering over the document link) to reveal the full file name of an attached document to the File document? Or you simply want to have the title of the File document to be displayed in the tooltip?

For either way, if you'd like to alter the tooltip for the default File type, you can go to the Edit tab, and set the desired text in the Description field. If this is blank, the tooltip will reveal the file type when hovered over (“File” in this case). However if you fill in the description field, that text will be shown when hovering over the link.

This is easy to do manually if you only want to do this for a few documents, but would take some work if you want to automate this process for any new File types in the future. For that, you would need to create an automation chain for for File creation event.


I hope this helps to point you in the right direction!

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