Starting a Workflow using automation API does not return workflowInstanceId context variable

I was able to start a workflow using Automation url in a REST client and got a response. However I don't get the workflowInstanceId in the context variable. Why am I not getting the instance id in the response. If I don't have the instance id, how can I then subsequently cancel or suspend a workflow?

This is the request and response I put in - POST http://host:8080/vdms/site/automation/Context.StartWorkflow Content-Type: application/json+nxrequest; charset=UTF-8 {“input”:“doc:/CustomerB/workspaces/Assets/Sintel_poster.jpg”,“params”:{“id”:“TestWF”},“context”:{}}

Output I received: {“entity-type”:“document”,“repository”:“default”,“uid”:“01f617fc-703b-455b-8613-273b805e7069”,“path”:“/CustomerB/workspaces/Assets/Sintel_poster.jpg”,“type”:“Picture”,“state”:“project”,“versionLabel”:“0.0”,“isCheckedOut”:true,“title”:“Sintel_poster.jpg”,“lastModified”:“2014-03-31T17:40:52.00Z”,“facets”:[“Picture”,“Commentable”,“Asset”,“MultiviewPicture”,“Versionable”,“Publishable”,“HasRelatedText”],“changeToken”:“1396287652000”,“contextParameters”:{}}

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Hi, Starting a workflow through Automation is well explained in this link . Please refer and revert for clarifications. Its working for me. Happy Development :)

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