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I installed Nuxeo yesterday and i am quite pleased with the appearance and implementation concepts of the platform. I am quite sure i can provide all missing components based on your good documentation.

What i'm not sure about is where i can leverage already existing components/workflows instead of building my own. The simple workflow is:

  • users gather documents (scan, print, mail..) to their “inbox”
  • from the inbox, user decides if he is
  • a) sending to another users inbox (where same process takes place)
  • b) categorizing himself. In this case he fills properties and after that the document is automatically moved from the inbox to multiple (refs) places in the hierarchy derived from the properties (i think virtual hierarchy is not enough, there are e.g. folder names derived from doc date.

For the “inbox workflow” and “categorization workflow”, do there exist reusable components?

Thanks and merry XMas, Michael

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I think some docs and webinars later i can answer this myself this way:

  • nuxeo workflows seem not to be the way to do this here. this is too heavyweight
  • for “delegating” it would be more appropriate to have “public” folders and simply move documents around…
  • for moving a document to a archive state in another hierarchy a simple automation step bound to an action may be enough.

The drawback now is that the new location is not realy “virtual hierarchy” but does not change after initial categorization (e.g. when fixing a catagorization failure). I think i will extract this in a question of its own.

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