[NUXEO 6.0] BUG REGRESSION workflow FILE BLOB variable CAN'T be download in nuxeo 6.0


We want to update Nuxeo from 5.8 to 6.0 and we notice that workflow blob can't be downloading in nuxeo 6.0.

We have a workflow variable set with a blob from a document property . The variable is displayed in the workflow node with a file-download-widget. This works perfectly in nuxeo 5.8.

In nuxeo 6.0 link is displayed. I have check the size of the workflow blob variable. The document from the blob-property used to set this workflow variable can be download through this metadata like in 5.8. Nevertheless, the behaviour is not the same : when we click on the link provided by the file widget of workflow variable, we go on the home page instead of download the blob file.

This BUG is since 5.8 patch 33 and still available in all patch….

Can somebody help or propose an other solution in studio ?

thanks in advance

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