Nuxeo Marketplace Config "addTemplate" impact on nuxeo.force.generation property

When a marketplace package is installed that has an “addTemplate” entry, does/should Nuxeo automatically set property nuxeo.force.generation to “once” if the value was previously “false” to ensure the template is deployed on the next startup? If Nuxeo does not and should not take care of this, how would this behavior be best implemented in the Marketplace install.xml?

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I'm not sure a Marketplace package should interact with the nuxeo.force.generation property. That property goal is to provide the server administrator a way to secure his nuxeo.conf, being sure it will not be changed in any case.

So, people using that property should manually set it to once or true when installing a Marketplace package, then reset to false when everything is fine and he wants to avoid any future change.

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If nuxeo.force.generation is "false", a Marketplace package is installed that includes a template, and the server is restarted, unexpected behavior will result because the template is not generated.

How would an administrator know that a specific Marketplace package added a template and therefore requires a nuxeo.force.generation property change? Maybe Nuxeo should prevent installation of a marketplace package that includes a template if the nuxeo.force.generation property is "false". Would this be a reasonable solution?


That would be better. Thanks for the suggestion: NXP-10319