Nuxeo and Ubuntu 14.04

I am trying to install nuxeo via the Nuxeo APT repository, but it seems not to work. I do the following:

sudo apt-add-repository “deb trusty releases”

and this gets me a:

W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

what am I doing wrong?

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We haven't tagged the package as trusty-compatible yet due to its dependency on ffmpeg, which no longer exists in the ubuntu repositories for 14.04.
We will make ffmpeg packages available on our repository eventually (it's waiting on some changes on our build infrastructure).

If you have your own version of the ffmpeg package installed, you can still install the nuxeo package, just specify another ubuntu version name (the package is the same for all of them).

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We now have a ffmpeg package in our apt repository (without mp4 support due to restricted licensing), so the nuxeo deb package should work on trusty now.