No operation was bound on ID: XXXXXX

When i use a Operation made with Eclipse Studio IDE on the Studio (with the Export Operation button on Nuxeo Studio View) i alway get the message “No operation was bound on ID: XXXXXX”.

How i did my Operation :

  1. Used Nuxeo IDE to auto-create it.
  2. Setted my code.
  3. Export Operation to my Studio.
  4. Added this Operation into a Chain Operation.
  5. Commited and generated a new version.
  6. Used this new version into my localhost server. (Update center -> Nuxeo studio)
  7. Restarted the server.

Using Nuxeo 5.7.1

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I found why it doesn't work … i created a Nuxeo WebEngine Project but i need a Nuxeo Plugin Project … Now it's work !

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On top of this you can export a jar containing this operation and upload it into ${nuxeo_home}/nxserver/bundles/ folder on your server. This worked for me but maybe there is a “more proper” way to solve this issue.

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