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I am wondering if Nuxeo could fit my needs. My situation is the following: I have documents stored in an sql server database with a structure that is not the same as the Nuxeo database structure. In that database, documents are stored as binary blobs in a dedicated table. This database is also used for other purposes by an application (let's call it App). I would like to edit/modify my documents through a dedicated tool since it is not the purpose of App. So, my question is: do you think that Nuxeo can be easily customized to read and store documents in my database instead of its default one? I can eventually add columns to my Document table or even add tables to my database.

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The terse answer - NO (it would not be easy). For that matter it wouldn't be recommended either since you lose the value of the core of Nuxeo. Depending on what App is, the better approach is to blackbox Nuxeo as your backend document repository (export your blobs out of your DB and import into Nuxeo) and use a REST api to interact with Nuxeo.

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But you can create your own implementation of blobstore logic; the code will be localized. So the answer is YES :) but not by simple configuration. And I'm afraid to tell you that no application in earth manage that by simple configuration. So if you have strong development skills we can take time to explain how to add your blob store manager.

I was tempted to say yes, but the question explicitly asks if it would be easy to configure :-) And while you could write your own blob store handler, it should be said that storing Blobs in a database is not the best idea (hence VCS and a similar implementation by every other major document management vendor) unless the number of object stored is not significant.

I understood. :)