Is it possible to create an image conversion via API?

Could you please tell me is it possible (and how) to add a new picture conversion to an existing picture document in Nuxeo Platform?

My use case is the following, I can upload a picture file to the platform and after some time I would like to upload via API a file containing the same picture, but in a different size or mime-type. In this case, Nuxeo should treat the uploaded file only as a conversion of the existing image and not a new asset.

I have gone through the documentation of Nuxeo but cannot seem to find the answer to my question.

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Here are several documentation link which will probably help you:

As for the REST API calls for conversions, you need to use a web adapter:, so like http://NUXEO_SERVER/nuxeo/api/v1/id/{docId}/@convert?format=pdf


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Thank you for the fast reply, I will certainly dig into the proposed links.

So, just to make sure, it is not possible just to upload a file from the file system and set it to be the rendition of the asset in Nuxeo? Does it always have to go through the conversion extension?


You can choose to use a specific property (of type blob) to store a file (which could be a conversion or anything else).

Hi, thanks again for replying! Could you give an example of a specific property in which I can store the conversion of the document? What I tried is attaching a blob in picture:views, but this doesn't seem to be possible.