How to configure Nuxeo with dynamic groups in OpenLDAP?

I connected OpenLDAP to Nuxeo 5.5 but there's still one problem with the configuration. Users who belong to a dynamic group are not associated to them but are well associated to theirs static group.

Configuration files:

  • default-ldap-users-directory-bundle.xml
  • default-ldap-groups-directory-bundle.xml

Some precisions:

Dynamic or static groups contains a 'member' attribute which is a list of string.

member = [uid=idUser1,ou=users,dc=companyName,dc=com; uid=idUser2,ou=users,dc=companyName,dc=com; …]

Users do not have 'memberOf' attribute.

Dynamic groups are 'objectClass = groupOfNames', static groups are 'objectClass = groupOfURLs'.

Thx for helps.

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The field for dynamic groups for groupOfURLs generally memberURL. In the tests folder of the source code you can find an example of a configuration where both dynamic and static groups are revolved. There is also a sample groups definition to illustrate how those entries look like.

The important lines are:

    <ldapReference field="members" directory="userDirectory"
      staticAttributeId="uniqueMember" dynamicAttributeId="memberURL" />

    <ldapReference field="subGroups" directory="groupDirectory"
      staticAttributeId="uniqueMember" dynamicAttributeId="memberURL" />
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Thx this is it!!!