How to give correct path for bulk document importer in Nuxeo, its showing wrong path when i checked in logs ?

Please reply if you guys know. I am stuck in this. I have to finish this importing ASAP.

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Hey Atul,

Please provide more information regarding your error in addition to the steps (input) preformed that prompted you with this error (output). Otherwise, as you can imagine, providing a solution to your problem based on the already provided information would prove quite inaccurate.




Thanks Yousuf for your reply. This error got resolved and I was successfully able to import files manually. But now my team wants this same thing through Java Code using java automation client. If you have worked on this part so can you please share the code ? I have written one code but that is uploading only 1 file but i want it for bulk files.

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Yousuf Nejati Hi yousuf, Please reply if you can help me out in this issue.

Hey Atul,

Can you provide an example of what you are trying to accomplish?

Have you considered using the CSV importer instead, no code needed? Are you using the instructions provided at to perform your batch upload, or here

Also, if your initial issue was resolved, it's good to 1) provide the solution, and 2) start another post regarding your new question on the forum, and not here, within your intial. To help others out in the future, wouldn't you agree?