Office windows dont get focus when using LiveEdit


When I click on a LiveEdit link, the document is opening well with Office but the window doesn't get the focus on screen : the user doesn't see the window (which is behind the browser) and he thinks that it doesn't work.

Is there a configuration to resolve this annoying problem in enterprise environnment ?

This is my configuration:

  1. Windows 7 64 bits
  2. Office 2010 64 bits
  3. IE8 or Firefox 21 (same behaviour)
  4. LiveEdit 2.4.5 64bits


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I found a fix which seems to work pretty well, based on this article :”

I had to modify a key in the registry :

  1. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  2. Modify this variable: ForegroundLockTimeout
  3. Put '0' instead of '200000'
  4. Reboot

It worked for Windows XP, 7 and Office 32bits and 64bits

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Will give this a try.