How does Seam.PushDocument work?

I have a working chain which utilize Document.Create. After this operation the user interface should display this new document. I read the documentation and think that Seam.PushDocument is the correct operation. I used the following code:

<operation id="Seam.PushDocument">
    <param type="string" name="name">expr:@{Document["dc:name"]}</param>
    <param type="string" name="scope">session, conversation, page, event</param>

The error message is Unknown chain and the server log is empty. So it looks like a general wrong usage.

Short story, this does not work. Any comments, please?

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If you just want to navigate to your new created Document you should use the Seam.NavigateTo operation.

The Seam.PushDocument operation push just your Document in the Seam Context.

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If I replace Seam.PushDocument with Seam.NavigateTo then it still does not work. If I just create the document then the chain works without any problems. If I add the operation then Nuxeo reports Unknown chain: chain name.

This is the actual config:

&lt;operation id=&quot;Document.Create&quot;&gt;
    &lt;param type=&quot;string&quot; name=&quot;type&quot;&gt;SpecialDocument&lt;/param&gt;
    &lt;param type=&quot;string&quot; name=&quot;properties&quot;&gt;dc:title=blabla&lt;/param&gt;
&lt;operation id=&quot;Seam.AddErrorMessage&quot;&gt;
    &lt;param type=&quot;string&quot; name=&quot;message&quot;&gt;Loading failed.&lt;/param&gt;
&lt;operation id=&quot;Seam.NavigateTo&quot;&gt;

Do I have to initialize something or do I need a special version?


do you have some other trace than unknown chain (during the deployment or during the action execution) ?

I did this:

  <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.core.operation.OperationServiceComponent" point="chains">
    <chain id="MyChain">
      <operation id="Context.FetchDocument"/>
      <operation id="Document.Create">
        <param type="string" name="type">Folder</param>
        <param type="string" name="name">test</param>
        <param type="properties" name="properties">dc:title=Maman</param>
      <operation id="Seam.AddInfoMessage">
        <param type="string" name="message">Hello les amis</param>
      <operation id="Seam.NavigateTo"/>

And it works. I'm checking with error message

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Same, it works. Maybe a problem of 5.5, I try on 5.5 version (I was on 5.6-SNAPSHOT)

It works now for me too. It looks like another mistake. I'm sorry for the confusion but sometimes I get only an error message that the chain is unknown. This means that I make a mistake but I don't get an error message :(

Thanks a lot for the example and the testing.