Can't start my nuxeo server instance any more

hello all,

after using nuxeo studio to add document types. I wanted to apply changes on the fly so I enabled the 'development' mode. it ask me for restarting the server and when I did, it stayed lock on the waiting for restart page.

Checking what happen server side : its locked on Starting process taking too long - giving up

then each try to start the server fails the same way. i've got this error message during the start : (After the tomcat start message : 'Start in 0ms.')

Overriding fragment with name 'org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.importer.core' and path 'null' that is already present with path 'null'

right after an error :

ERROR [org.nuxeo.osgi.BundleRegistry] failed to stop bundle org.nuxeo.runtime

Caused by NullPointerEsception at org.nuxeo.osgi.OSGIRuntimeActivator.stop(

EDIT : I'm using the Nuxeo platform 5.6

any idea on how I can start my nuxeo server again ?


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no solution found. I reinstalled a fresh new nuxeo instance using the same database informations I didn't loose any data.

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You should be able to uninstall your Studio package using nuxeoctl commands.
What is your Nuxeo version?

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I'm using nuxeo 5.6 thanx for your help, I'll give it a try.

removing my nuxeo studio package using nuxeoctl 'mp-remove' command did not fix the issue. Still can't start. I also tried a mp-reset.

Could you upload your server log file and result of nuxeoctl showconf on ?
Note you can still deploy a new vanilla Nuxeo, making it using your current configuration (for data directory and database).