Does Nuxeo run on VMWare tc Server?

tc Server is a tomcat like server that is documented as a " a 100%-compatible drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat. " by VMWare. See

From that statement, we can assume Nuxeo would run well on tc Server (and could benefit from additional features of tc Server such as shared memory between VMs.

But has the support for tc Server been tested and certified?

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After more insights, tc Server is not officially supported yet with 5.5 but there is no technical reason blocking that. It is mostly about QA process and tools and we hope to add it soon, as bjalon mentioned, contact us please if you need it.

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The needed work to make Nuxeo works on this server is scheduled and will may be available for the next Nuxeo release (mid-november). If you really need for your project, feel free to contact us:

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