Impossible to restore documents, but only folders.


When I want to restore a deleted folder, only folders are restored : documents stay in the trash of their folder.

I want them to be restored at the good state (I mean the state they had before I deleted them)not in the “project” state.

Can someone help me?

My version is 5.6

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Do your documents have a custom lifecycle? Undeleting a document just follows the undelete transition, from the deleted state they are in when deleted., so you must have that in your custom lifecycle (and incidentally it means that the original state is lost).

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Yes, they have.

You are right, after checking, it appears that there is no transition from the deleted state. So I have to create this transition.

-> Can I find somewhere an example or a tuto to know how to do it myself (the customization has been made by somebody else…)

Unfortunately, it seems that I can't insert a picture because of my too low "karma".

> incidentally it means that the > original state is lost

-> I have to find a solution to change that : in my case, documents have to recover their original state (the state just before they have been deleted).

Is it possible to do that in the Studio ?

Thank you for your help !


I tried this :

I have modified the life cycle : a new transition is created from "deleted" to "revision" : "restore"

I created an Event Handler : Events : "Document restored" wich call the automation chain "ResetStateToRevision"

I created an Automation chain called "ResetStateToRevision":

  • Fetch Context Document
  • Document > Follow Life Cycle Transition ; value : "restore"

But it doesn't work… Nothing happens.

Where am I wrong ?


I was wrong :

I have just renamed my transition "undelete" and I deleted the automation chain and the event handler ; now it works : I can restore the documents.

But the aim is to restore the document in the state they had before the deletion.


You would have to save the state at deletion time, and restore it at undelete time. This requires modification of the lifecycle state change listener.