Can I configure a download icon next each file on a list view using studio?

I am on application version 5.5 and want to use studio to configure a list view for documents that includes a download icon to the right of the document title. I can get something close to what I want out of the box by:

  • setting up a custom content view
  • going to the results tab
  • checking the box: Reference an existing result layout
  • Click on Choose result layout then select search_listing_ajax (Default result layout)

This presents a view similar to what I need but I require some additional fields on the listing.

Is it possible to copy search_listing_ajax and configure my own version?

Thanks in advance

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Yes :)

If you just want change the icon, you can override it to contribute the exactly same resource and add a dependency to the bundle that declare this resource.

If this is more, you have to create a template widget. You copy the fragment widget you want to override and add your button.

Be careful if you choose to do that, code maintenance will be necessary on this part of your code.

Hope this help you.

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