Why exporting to Excel is limited to 100 results?

Why exporting to Excel is limited to 100 results in the export option? Is there a way to increase this limit?

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The Excel export is limited to 100 entries because Nuxeo uses a default max page size of that size.

This value can be changed by modifying the nuxeo property called:


which can be set to a value that is more appropriate for you, e.g.


You can simply add that line (with an appropriate value) to your nuxeo.conf file (this file is often located in

See: Nuxeo configuration parameters

Please note that a larger value will affect the system performance, but that depends also on usage patterns in your system as well as number of records that is returned by specific queries generated from your requests).

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Page size is good when we have paging, like through the web interface, but is problematic when you want to export the data.

Could there be a way to increase only in the case of an Excel export? Could it be achieved by creating a specific action?


This is a strange behavior for exporting. When we export something, we don't want a sample of it, we want everything. Is there a way to export everything?

setting 0 as value, see http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/FQ4z