Localization of email templates

We are able to deploy our own email templates (freemarker templates).

But, while testing it, activating debug log on org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.ec.notification.email.templates a saw that the following logs: Searching for template with name: modif_en_US Searching for template with name: modif_en Searching for template with name: modif

What is used to determine the locale? The user that triggered the notification was logged with the French interface?

Is there a way to make it so that each user receive an email in it's own locale? Where is the documentation for this part of the mechanism?



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Here is the jira issue (including a rough specification of what we plan for this feature). This is not scheduled for next release. Feel free to contribute your patch if you need it soon. Thanks

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Freemaker does the locale lookup itself (see this). Nuxeo uses the default configuration, so Freemarker chooses the default server locale.

If you want to change this, the code to update would be the new Configuration() in EmailHelper, which would need a call to setLocale to the locale you need. Please feel free to propose a patch if you have one.

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