Is there a limit on the number of automation chains that can be implemented?

I have many automation chains (over 50): (I haven't counted them, if it's important I will).

I've been trying to add another chain and keep getting the message Unknown chain: xxxxxx in a small yellowish box when it is fired via my User Action. I've re-saved the suspect chain, changed it's name, and cannot seem to get v5.4.2 to recognize (register) this chain.

Any ideas?


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One more thing……

I can't find an errors in the server.log file!


Ok, it seems when the elements of the automation chain have (certain, which ones I do not know) errors the server refuses to register the chain.

My chain has other issues (see: but I did uncover this lack of registration by deleting chain elements until the system registered and then found the chain when fired by the user action.

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