Nuxeo user management with .Net Client


Does .Net client support User Management ? If yes then how ? If no then what is the alternative ?


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Although there are still no wrappers for the user object, you can still use the .NET Client to perform requests to the user and group endpoints of the REST API. You can use the client.Request(...) method to do so (here's an example). I encourage you to check the REST API documentation and API Playground to learn more about these endpoints.

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Thank you very much. Can I ask an Authentication question also ? We have our own external authentication service and I want to use that to authenticate nuxeo side, I don not find a way to do it on .net client could you please suggest ? Or I can post as a different question also if you do not know much about it.

You're welcome. I encourage you to post this as a new questions since it is not related to the title, which fails to raise attention to the new issue at hand.