Nuxeo-rating dependencies?

Does anyone know what else needs to be installed for nuxeo-rating to work? I have: 8.10 no hotfixes nuxeo-dam-6.2.3 nuxeo-jsf-ui-8.10.0 nuxeo-web-ui-0.8.0

I've built and installed Activity: And I've built and installed Nuxeo Rating:

The heart icon appears, but I was expecting more of a rating system. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Hi Lara,

Did you add the activity template as explained in the nuxeo-activity README?

You may want to check out, though as a sandbox project it is not supported.

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Hi, Harlan! Yes, I added the activity template. Also, there are no errors in the log. I'll take a look at that sandbox project. Thanks.

That link is perfect, thanks.