Error viewing previous version of a document. Error 500

Good Morning,

I have a problem with the versions of my documents.

The latest version is displayed without problems, but when I want to view a previous one, I get a 500 error (internal server error; Invalid Json; The document could not be loaded)

I have looked at the log and it shows me the following:

“Caused by: org.elasticsearch.client.ResponseException: method [POST], host [http: // localhost: 9200], URI [/ nuxeo-audit / _search? Typed_keys = true & ignore_unavailable = false & expand_wildcards = open & allow_no_then_indices = true & search_type_chesize_then_indices = true & search_type_chesize_duce_query \\\\\\\\ 's ], status line [HTTP / 1.1 400 Bad Request] {“error”: {“root_cause”: [{“type”: “parse_exception”, “reason”: “failed to parse date field [2020-08-07T08: 23: 59.704Europe / Madrid] with format [strict_date_optional_time || epoch_millis] “}],” type “:” search_phase_execution_exception “,” reason “:” all shards failed “,” phase “:” query “,” grouped “: true,” failed_shards “: [{” shard “: 0, “index”: “nuxeo-audit”, “node”: “e2YWIh-hQnuyuwuSt_6jEQ”, “reason”: {“type”: “parse_exception”, “reason”: “failed to parse date field [2020-08-07T08: 23: 59.704Europe / Madrid] with format [strict_date_optional_time || epoch_millis] “,” caused_by “: {” type “:” illegal_argument_exception “,” reason “:” Unrecognized chars at the end of [2020-08-07T08: 23: 59.704Europe / Madrid]: [Europe / Madrid] “}}}]},” status “: 400}”

Does anyone know why this happens and how to solve it?

Thank you

FILES:   server.log.txt
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Do you have a full stack trace, visible in log/server.log ?

Also are you using the Web UI or the JSF UI (i.e., what's in the URL after /nuxeo?)

Thanks for answering.

I am using web ui.

When I change the version, the URL that appears after nuxeo is:




Ok. What about server.log?

I have added the full error from the server.log as an attachment.

Thanks for the logs, they're helpful. But without a reproducer it's a bit hard to debug. Could you use browser tools to see what request gets sent from the browser to Nuxeo when you try to display the version? The goal is to find out if what's adding the incorrect Europe/Madrid in the date is client-side in the browser, or server-side in the Nuxeo server itself. I suspect it's cllient-side but it'd be nice to see the JSON of the request made.

Good Morning,

We have been using the browser tools and we have not found differences between the documents that allow us to see if they are versioned, and those that do not.

Is there any way to query elasticsearch to get an audit of a document to see if there is any wrong data that is causing the error?

Thank you very much for your help


Hello, I had the same problem after a log purge action and I managed to find a solution except that it is not the ideal one for me.

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Good Morning,

My version is not a registered nuxeo instance so I can't install the HFs.

Any other solution?

Greetings and thanks for the help