Nuxeo-html-editor button is not fixed

Hello, I have some bugs in the nuxeo-html-editor component,,the button inside isn't fixed and move when I try to mouseup on it . Are there any issues to fix that please ?

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Dear all,

I've been told of similar issues with Nuxeo LTS 2019:

  • Description field doesn't look like an input field and one can barely see it.
  • Cursor isn't visible inside that field. One doesn't know where to input text.
  • The Rich Text Editor doesn't seem to be anchored to that field, it moves around and can be unusable at times. Clicking on it may have an effect on scrolling lists beneath.

See attached screenshot for example.

What are we doing wrong with this nuxeo-html-editor element ?

Best regards,


FILES:   nuxeo.png
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