Changing the transaction timeout

My application has some processing that takes a long time (it can be an import, an export, a complex document tree creation, etc.) that provokes an automatic transaction rollback because it is too long and the transaction goes in timeout. So the processing is never committed.

What can I do to increase the transaction timeout?

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There are several timeouts related to transactions that can be configured.

The Transaction Manager timeout is 5 minutes by default (300 seconds), and is configured under Tomcat in the nuxeo.xml under templates/ corresponding to your configuration. Change the value for transactionTimeoutSeconds in the TransactionManager resource.

The HTTP session timeout is 1 hour by default (60 minutes), and is configured in templates/common/OSGI-INF/templates/web.xml. Change the value for session-timeout.

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Hi, would it be possible to configure and customize the transaction time out for a specific operation ? Thank you

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In Nuxeo 5.5 you shouldn't need to change nuxeo.xml directly, you can just uncomment and change the following in nuxeo.conf instead:

# Database transaction timeout in seconds (Tomcat only)
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