Multiple scan-importer configuration

Can anybody give me a solution to configure multiple `org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.scanimporter.service.ScannedFileMapperComponent` config and mapping extension point with different configuration (source and target path), different leaftype (I can do it thru targetLeafTypeMapper parameter) and different fieldmapping. If there is nothing simple what is the alternative ? Thanks in advance

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From this class (ScannedFileMapperComponent), I understand that you can only have one config and one mapping for this extension point. Any new one would override the one previously registered. As you probably already know, a config can have only one source and one target path.

I think a solution would be the have you own extension point, maybe based on ScannedFileMapperComponent, but tuned to your needs, like able to manage several configs and mappings.


Thank you for help. I found a completely different solution. I wrote a python script and used rest api to import documents.