Error when using nuxeo in an Iframe (nuxeo.js usage of top.nxContextPath)

Hi there,

I'm trying to use Nuxeo [5.8] in an Iframe, but the gadgets are not loading.

An error occurs when opening the window in the Iframe:

"Error: Permission denied to access property 'nxContextPath'"

The JavaScript function calls the following command:


I was able to trace it to the nuxeo.js file:

I also found that instead of using “top.nxcontextPath” it is better to use 'NXGadgetContext.clientSideBaseUrl' (

Is there a way I can change this myself?

Edit 14-11-2014 I found that top should be replaced with parent. Also a lot of links in gadgets (opensocial and social collaboration) contain target=“top” it would be better if target=“parent” would be used.

Thanks in advance, Bauke Roo

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