Nuxeo Event Bus Statistics

I'm running performance tests and I'm curious to know what the Nuxeo Event Bus tab shows.

Currently, it shows Active Threads:3 Number of queued events:22831

After the test, shouldn't the Active Thread count and queued events return to 0 (zero)?


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Yes the count of events should decrease over time while they are being processed asynchronously and finally return to 0, at which point the number of active threads should return to 0 as well.

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What could be the issue when the queue size nor the active threads never revert to 0 after a performance test? I see 250000 queued events on one Nuxeo server and -8500 events on the other Nuxeo server. We're using two Nuxeo servers pointing to one Redis cache server.

Are the number of queued events decreasing though?