workflow: form: input text : how to remove accents ?


  • I use workflow nuxeo on nuxeo 5.6.
  • I have a field “firstname” that user fill on a node form.

I want to disable/transform “accents” when user fill this field.

I through I could use js script or a run script with the good code if this solution is not yet proposed by nuxeo workflow-node-form-inputText, but, I don't know where I have to call it in nuxeo studio interface.

My run script:

WorkflowVariables["firstName"]=org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils.upperCase(WorkflowVariables["firstName"]) ;

But I still got accent, it's just in uppercase… Do you have a “run script” solution to remove accents on an input field with nuxeo studio ?

thank you

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Hello me,

I got your run script:

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