How do i create and manage the Tenants in nuxeo using API ?

create and manage 'new tenant' into Nuxeo using APIs exposed by Nuxeo. I should be able to create Tenant, Update Tenant and its Configuration and Delete Tenant and list Tenants.

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With the multi-tenant addon ?

Yeah Multi-tenant addon is already been added but i dont want to use the nuxeo application to do the same instead i should be able to do the same using the Rest API exposed by the nuxeo ….

Please help and let me know the if they have exposed the API's for the same or not ? so that i can think of making the REST API for the same,


In Nuxeo, we expose to the Rest API what we call Automation Operations, you can have the full description here:

So it means that for each module, to know the default possibilities, you have to look at the automation operations available for it. In case of multi-tenant, there are 2 operations as you can see here:

So for the use case you mentioned, you would probably have to write your own operations to expose the feature you'd like. Our Eclipse plugin is here to help you do that:

Hope it will help you!


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