Problem with version of nuxeo.js installed by nuxeo-cli

nuxeo-cli@1.8.4 and generator-nuxeo@2.8.1 are installed globally (as well as nuxeo@3.7.1 )

When i bootstrap an angular projet, the dependency in package.json for nuxeo javascript client is 1.2.1 instead of expected latest Nuxeo JS client version (3.5.0)

I noticed that since 1.8.4, nuxeo-cli has been modified (master branch) :

“generator-nuxeo”: “github:nuxeo/generator-nuxeo#master”

Accordingly, I ve tried to install nuxeo-cli “master” :

npm install git:// –save

I always have an error about generator-nuxeo

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Solution : nuxeo bootstrap angular2 package -m master

It fetches generator-nuxeo-meta from the master branch instead of the stable one

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