invalid column name in vocabulary mapping

I have the following columns in a view

id  VARCHAR2(40)
exercice    VARCHAR2(40)
label   VARCHAR2(40)
ordering    NUMBER
obsolete    NUMBER
comm_reference  VARCHAR2(50)
comm_libelle    VARCHAR2(500)
comm_date_creation  VARCHAR2(19)
utilisateur VARCHAR2(50)

that I try to map to a vocabulary based on the following schema

> <xs:element name="id" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="exercice" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="label" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="obsolete" type="xs:integer" default="0"/>
> <xs:element name="ordering" type="xs:integer" default="10000000"/>
> <xs:element name="comm_reference" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="comm_libelle" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="comm_date" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="comm_date_creation" type="xs:string"/>
> <xs:element name="utilisateur" type="xs:string"/>

Querying the view / vocabulary seems okay :

SELECT * FROM “STUDIO_VOCABULARY_COMMANDE” WHERE “utilisateur” = 'XXX' AND “obsolete” = 0 AND LOWER(“label”) LIKE '1999%' Note : I have a custom operation based on Directory.SuggestEntries that adds the “utilisateur” = 'XXX' part of the query.

But it is followed by a java.sql.SQLException about an invalid column name I supposed there is something wrong with the mapping but what ?

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Silly problem : comm_date was referenced in the schema and not present in the view

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