Slow NXQL queries

I have some NXQL queries that are pretty slow. Using this I was able to get some of the slowest NXQL queries This one took 870 ms:

QueryFilter(principal=myOrganisation, limit=0, offset=0) count total results UNLIMITED 
query SELECT * FROM Document 
WHERE (myOrganisation.common:unpublished = 0) 
    AND (ecm:isVersion = 0) 
    AND (myOrganisation.common:removed = 0) 
    AND (dc:source = 'MyOrganisation') 
    AND (myOrganisation.common:migrating = 0) 
    AND (ecm:path STARTSWITH '/default-domain/workspaces/MyOrganisation/organisations/1011/legal' 
        OR ecm:path STARTSWITH '/default-domain/workspaces/MyOrganisation/organisations/1011/business' 
        OR ecm:path STARTSWITH '/default-domain/workspaces/MyOrganisation/organisations/1011/projects/5180')

I notice that the more clauses ecm:path STARTSWITH '/default-domain/workspaces... are present, the slowest is the query. An other similar request with approximately 40 ecm:path STARTSWITH ... clauses took 3200 ms.

Is it a bad practice to write NXQL queries like this ?

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Yes it's bad practice because STARTSWITH queries are inherently costly (as you can imagine). You should review your data modeling to make it more amenable to efficient queries.

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