How to override the default DocumentsInputResolver in a component

I need to override the DocumentsInputResolver which is in :

so I can handle space at the end of paths. But I don't know how.

I haven't found doc on how to override an existing class. So

  1. What will be in the ?-contrib.xml file?
  2. Where will be the activate method in which I should put the JsonRequestReader.addInputResolver(new MyDocumentsInputResolver()); line
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For examples of the -contrib.xml file and the activate method check out this chapter “9.3. A word from our sponsors at OSGi” in: DevBook, Ch 9

That same book will also help you with general understanding of contributing to nuxeo code. DevBook

However, for the most up-to-date information please use this book only along with the information on and, which have all the newest changes and additions to the platform.

Here again the links that I already provided in the other question you quoted above. They provide definitions, architectural description as well as examples of components in Nuxeo:

How-to implement an Action
Dev Cookbook
Component model overview
Component list, component API

Another good idea would be for you to try to use Nuxeo's Eclipse plugin Nuxeo-IDE which let you automatically create and test Nuxeo components and other boilerplate or more advanced code. NuxeoIDE

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