Move content from one folder to another folder

Hello Everyone,

I want to move content from one folder to another folder. Can we have any REST Api for moving from one folder to another folder ? Example. I have folder1 and folder2. Case1: I want to move filder1 into folder2. Cate 2 : I want to move only folder1 content to folder2.

Please help.


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This should be the operation you're looking for. For your first case, have folder1 as input and folder2 as name parameter. For the second use case, iterate over your folder1 content and call the operation. Or maybe, as the operation accepts “documents” as input, you can give it a list of documents. I'm afraid I never really understood that part with “document, documents”. Anyway, that should answer your question.

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Can i have rest api for this use case? How we need to form the request Post http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/api/v1/Document.Move or any other and how body and headers should be ?


The above API can serve the purpose of moving a file from folder1 to folder2 or complete folder1 into folder2. I guess moving only contents of folder1 into folder2 should be iterated as mentioned by Greg Drayon. I am yet to try that use case.

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