Change the owner of all the document in repository

Hi, In my current setup I am using Nuxeo with LDAP and CAS integration. Now my requirement is, for some scenarios one user upload the document after login but after certain period of time due to company change the user id may change for that user but will remain part of same tenant. So, after change of the user id too the user wants to see the documents uploaded with earlier user id. A example given below.

User Name: –> Uploaded a document name “User1ABC” –> Uploaded a document name “User2ABC”

Now due to business need the user name (domain name) may change in the system. –> Becomes –> Becomes

In this scenario also the user1 & user2 would like to see the documents uploaded during the earlier user name( &

when this domain name change it will be applicable for all the users under that tenant.

So, how we could achieve that though program or with some other API.

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