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Hi all,

I have a local NUXEO instance and I'd like to create a new Content Type inside it. I checked the documentation but it's all about using Nuxeo Studio. I tried to use it, I made the new type but then I can't find how to export it in order to load it from my local Nuxeo. Any clue on how to do this? I also tried to follow this guide: https://github.com/nuxeo/org.eclipse.ecr/wiki/Creating-a-document-type but I find it difficult to follow!

I also found this: https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-sample-project/blob/master/src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/core-types-contrib.xml but still no clue on how to act!

Then is the CMIS type-mutability disabled? I tried to create the new doc type by using Apache CMIS Workbench but it says impossible… isn't the last version of Nuxeo compatible with CMIS 1.1?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Here's an example showing how to create a new Document type (Book) https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-sample-project. 1- deploy the project using : mvn clean install command. 2- look for the generated artifacts in the target folder, copy the Jar into /nxserver/bundles 3- restart Worked for me!

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Thanks! I will try asap and I will let you know

Using Nuxeo studio, you can bind your Nuxeo instance to your Nuxeo Studio project (Go to the Nuxeo Connect menu in the admin view of your Nuxeo instance).

This done, you have to visit the update center menu (in the admin. view) and download the Nuxeo Studio project package from there.

After restarting the server, your custom type should be available.

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Thanks for your answer. But since the studio is just free for 30 days what will happen next? Does this connection work also with my local instance? Is there a newbie guide for creating the XML using Nuxeo IDE/Eclipse? The ones I found are kind of hard to follow.

Anyway I will try to do it as you suggested, thanks!

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