Bulk Data retrieval in Nuxeo?

Is there a simple method to do bulk data recovery or retrieval within Nuxeo Enterprise Platform?

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You can approach it as a standard backup and restore procedure:

  1. backup your data directory (e.x.
  2. backup your database (in case of the basic/out-of-the-box installation the database is stored within the data directory mentioned above)
  3. backup your configuration (

Check out the following entries in Nuxeo Doc:

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First link (Backup your Nuxeo using VCS) is dead :(

I just fixed it.

There are many ways for retrieving data, mostly depending on the format you need. You can use zip export, use nuxeo-core-io library for exporting in the format you want, or simply use the Content Automation system, having in an operation chain, an NXQL query to retrieve the data and apply a ftl transformation on the document feed that was produced as a result.

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