include admin center settings in nuxeo studio bundle

I would like to be able to deploy all configuration made on a development instance on the production one with a simple bundle deployment. What about all the configuration made using admin center or plugin configuration ?

Is there a way to include all this configuration in the nuxeo studio bundle or in a custom bundle ? Otherwise can every configuration in admin center be managed also using nuxeo studio ? For example can we configure dashboard layout using studio ?

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Another way to ask this is : Is there a way to export admin center settings

I was looking for this too… hope someone can provide a solution … ?


Configuration properties set in the admin center are usually part of configuration templates (not currently configurable via Studio).

Some of this setup is persisted in file bin/nuxeo.conf, and this configuration may depend on whether this is a production instance or a development one, for instance.

Documentation is available here:

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