Nuxeo + Jasig CAS

Hello! I am deploying Nuxeo for the first time and also this is first time I am setting up SSO which is jasig CAS server. I have downloaded the plugin, configured the descriptor and auth chain. Now is the question: should the LDAP or SQL directory be configured in the Nuxeo, to allow the system check the user permissions. I.e.: how can I login with the admin credentials if I am constantly redirected to CAS page?

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Yes if you are using CAS/LDAP to handle authentication your need to configure Nuxeo to bind the same LDAP directory to provision user accounts.

In order to use an LDAP account to log in as an administrator, you will need to configure this extension point:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.usermanager.UserService" point="userManager">
      <!-- ldap administrator uid -->
      <!-- admin group -->
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Thanks for the reply, but can I use only CAS server and Nuxeo internal user manager to perform authentication?

What do you want to use CAS for then ? If what you mean is can I mix CAS authentication with other authentication methods the answer is yes, you can chain authentication methods and stack authentication modules as demonstrated in the documentation:

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