Blob.AttachOnDocument Rest API


I can't attach blob to a document using REST API. To debug I decided to try with the demo web interface. I also get a 404 error code response. __com.sun.jersey.api.NotFoundException: null for uri:

Here is the the curl request :

curl -X POST '' -H 'Nuxeo-Transaction-Timeout: 3' -H 'X-NXproperties: *' -H 'X-NXRepository: default' -H 'X-NXVoidOperation: false' -H 'content-type: application/json' -d '{“params”:{“document”:“854e5731-c792-4a1a-8945-4b310581c9e2”,“save”:“true”,“xpath”:“files”,“operationId”:“Blob.AttachOnDocument”,“batchId”:“batchId-ca3b5737-bb41-484a-bd3c-72676f3ddecc”},“context”:{}}' -u Administrator:

Any help is welcome ! Thanks in advance

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Have you tried this? After you have your batch id, replace that below, and of course your own URL.

Create a new document with the blob: curl -X POST -d '{“entity-type”:“document”,“name”:“TestFile”,“type”:“File”,“properties”:{“file:content”:{ “upload-batch”: “batchId-yourbatchid”,“upload-fileId”: “0”}}} ' -H “Content-Type:application” -i -u Administrator

Or update an existing document with the blob: curl -X PUT -d '{“entity-type”:“document”,“name”:“Your Document Name”,“type”:“File”,“properties”:{“file:content”:{ “upload-batch”: “batchId-yourbatchid”,“upload-fileId”: “0”}}} ' -H “Content-Type:application” -i -u Administrator

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