Multi-domain isolation for users, documents, workflows, ...

I have two domains in my NUXEO instance: domain1 and domain2.

I would like:

  • to affect a group of users to domain1 and another list to domain2.
  • to be sure users from domain1 have no access to users of domain2
  • that list of users exposed for a user is only users from his domain
  • to have workflow isolation
  • to have publication isolation

In other world: how to be sure users from domain1 have no interaction with users from domain2 ?

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This is an interesting subject and we start to work on it.

To take into account the tenant context, Nuxeo has extended API of

- Directory Service, 
- Core Repository Session 
- and User Management Service. 

Into our implementation, declaring a document as a root of a tenant amounts to add a tenant local configuration on it (i.e. a metadata). This solution is dedicated for cheap multi-tenant implementation and low service level for isolation of:

  • Users
  • Documents
  • and Vocabularies

But I start to tell you that we “start to work on it”. This means development is not finished and developments are visible only into the foundation of Nuxeo and not yet into the UI part. You can find the add-on that treats this subject here:

So the answer to your question is: you can't yet until we improve UI to take into account the evolution of the foundation. If you want to contribute you are sincerely welcome, but as there is no customer behind that and this is not a priority for us the development progression from us is slow. If you have a strong need you can contact us as our Roadmap is agile.

To give you a full answers, implementing a real and strong isolation through the application level is not a good way, as many questions comes:

  • how do I restore the domain1 (without modifying the domain2)
  • how can I do to be sure that BIRT report created into domain1 are only on domain1 documents

Answers to all these questions above means you go through each service and take into account of the tenant. We will not plan to do the job for all our services.

But, resolution of multi-tenant with the high isolation level will be resolved in Nuxeo in another level: through the cloud and multi-Nuxeo instance. If you follow our Roadmap you may know that we plan to work on Cloud solution and simplification of Nuxeo provisioning. Our goal is bringing high simplification of Nuxeo provisioning and management. So isolation of database, documents, users, workflows is trivial, idem for Backup/Restore of a tenant.


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