CMIS upload file to nuxeo using a new custom document created in Studio

Hi, I'm using the Nuxeo 5.9.3 to manage the picture files and I'm using the Drupal with the Cmis module to get the images from Nuxeo.

I using CMIS to upload files to Nuxeo and this pictures are created in Nuxeo by CMIS using the document Picture.

I created a new document extending the Picture document width more custom fields and I want to upload files a to be create in Nuxeo using this new document “picturetest”.

How can I tell in CMIS that I want to use this new type of document and not the original one?

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Hi Antonio, I am looking out for a way to create a new document extending the Picture document with custom fields. Could you please guide me as to how can we achieve it. It would be great if there is some way to achieve through UI Interface itself like Nuxio Studio interface .

Thanks In Advance !


Thanks, figured out myself ! Need to select DAM as a package from “Application Definition” page in Nuxio Studio which would expose all the DAM capabilities including the picture document that would be extended while creating a new document type.

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