choose "default start Page" when user is connecting


Is there an extension point to set the default home page ?

On Nuxeo 5.6 my user starts after connection on “Server default Domain”. Is it possible to start on “HOME>dashboard”

Using I try Deployment Extensions :

<extension target="pages#PAGES">
<page view-id="/nxstartup.xhtml" 
action="#{startupHelper.initDomainAndFindStartupPage('Default domain','user_dashboard')}" />

but it's still on “document mangement” tab.


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Only administrators have the 'document management' as the home page. Normal users' home is user_dashboard. Could you check ?

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Hello, My home page for every user is "Document manager tab". I don't know why (Nevertheless I use external plugins). As they are right restrictions my user are on that with name "Domaines du serveur default" with nothing to do :-(

title should be "default Start page". I change it, sorry !

Can you check the file nuxeo.war/WEB-INF/pages.xml on the server ? What action is for the page "/nxstartup.xhtml" ?

Thank you very much for your help. In this page there are 2 nxstartup tag. First one at the top :


action=&quot;#{startupHelper.initDomainAndFindStartupPage(&apos;Default domain&apos;, &apos;view&apos;)}&quot; view-id=&quot;/nxstartup.xhtml&quot;/&gt;

<page view-id="/view_domains.xhtml">

Second one (I found my studio-comment on it)


action=&quot;#{startupHelper.initDomainAndFindStartupPage(&apos;Default domain&apos;, &apos;user_dashboard&apos;)}&quot; view-id=&quot;/nxstartup.xhtml&quot;/&gt;

Should the first not being there ? thanks you


It looks like this bug You should also read a note: "Actually, this is not enough to redirect to the dashboard as the second parameter of the "initDomainAndFindStartupPage" method will be used only in some special cases, but declaring the page with view id "/nxstartup.xhtml" and binding it to your custom action is the way to proceed to override the default behaviour."

Ok, thank you very much ! So i should override the StartupHelper class :-(