Nuxeo Drive - Exclude some files of the synchronisation


Can we exclude some files in the synchronization of NuxeoDrive?

For example, when editing a ODT file with LibreOffice / OpenOffice, it automatically creates a .lock file and it is synchronized by NuxeoDrive the repository.

Problem: When you are subscriber notification on the folder, an email is received for the .lock file


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I'm under Ubuntu 12.04 with LibreOffice 4.3

When I open an ODS file with LibreOffice, the file “.~Lock.Main courante.ods#” synchronizes and gets directly into the trash.

alt text

alt text

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There is a set of prefixes / suffixes that should be ignored by Drive:

    '~',  # editor buffers
    '.swp',  # vim swap files
    '.lock',  # some process use file locks
    '.LOCK',  # other locks
    '.part',  # partially downloaded files

    '.',  # hidden Unix files
    '~$',  # Windows lock files
    'Thumbs.db',  # Thumbnails files

Strange that in your case the .lock file is uploaded to the server.

In my case, under Ubuntu, when editing an ODT file with LibreOffice, the temp file is named .~lock.Test.odt#, so it is ignored because it starts with a dot (.)

What is your OS and version of Nuxeo Drive?

Note that for now you cannot customize these prefixes / suffixes as they're hardcoded in the client code, yet this improvement is planned and tracked by NXDRIVE-158.

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